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Connectivity & Settings for Midas System


Shane Power:
Hello all.

Long story short; I've got a Midas Pro1, a Midas M32, 2 x Midas DL231's & a Klark Teknik DN9650 (with a Dante Card installed).  How do I configure and connect all of the AES50 devices together to give me fully independent control of the dual head amps and outputs in both DL231's (from each board) and simultaneously output 48 channels to Dante via the DN9650?

I want to wire, configure and label the entire system in a venue (and save/backup all settings) so it defaults to fully functioning operation and all settings be can recalled/restored if necessary.

The scenario seems like it's all doable, but I'm getting conflicting and confusing info online and in-person form any Midas heads I know.

I realise this is quite a big ask (and diagram/settings info), so I'm happy to talk about a reasonable fee.

Thanks for your time.


Helge A Bentsen:
I'm actually not sure you can do what you want.
First, you'll have to select on each DL231 which AES stream it should send to it's outputs. Only one console can speak to it's outputs AFAIK.
Secondly, I'm not sure you can operate a DL231 on dual sample rates. AFAIK it's 48k/96K for the whole unit, not for each AES port.

Andrew Broughton:
You MIGHT be able to do this with another 9650 with AES50 ins and outs to do the sample rate conversion from 96k to the 48k that the M32 is looking for. Not sure though if the 9650 will pass HA control. I assume it will, but never tried it.
Honestly, though, you'd have a LOT more bang for your buck by purchasing a used Pro1 or Pro2. They're pretty cheap these days. Then everything can stay at 96k.


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