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FS: Avid Pulsare II Phono stage & Avid Pulsare II power supply


audrey wills:
Up for sale is this Avid Pulsare II Phono stage & Avid Pulsare II power supply, in excellent working condition.

More about the equipment:

AVID Pulsare II Phono Stage Specification:Noise: < -81dB MM <-67dB MC

Distortion: < 0.001%
RIAA: 5Hz - 70kHz +/-0.5dB
Gain: 40dB - 50dB - 60dB - 70dB
Resistance loading: 10R - 30R - 100R - 300R - 500R - 1k - 5k - 10k - 47k - Custom
Capacitance loading: 100pf - 200pf - 500pf - 1.5nf - 10nf - 20nf
Power supply: Double regulated with 300va transformer
Voltage input: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 10 watts max. (depending on region)
Dimensions: 290 x 240 x 100mm (WxDxH)
Net weight: Control unit - 3.8Kg (8.4lb) PSU - 6.4Kg (14lb)
Packaging: 360 x 310 x 290mm (WxDxH)
Shipping weight: 12.0Kg (27lb)

Brand: Avid
Model: Avid Pulsare II
Type: Phono Stage
Colour: Black

The AVID Pulsare II Phono Stage doesnt compromise on component quality. Both inputs and outputas are XLR and RCA, running fully balanced internally, the output is optionally balanced or unbalanced. The AVID Pulsare II Phono Stage is packed with features, such as a mono facility, subsonic filter and a custom resistance setting, giving the option to tailor resistance values to any given cartridge.

Asking Price: USD$6500

If interested, kindly contact me via PM or email
h7mhas at googlemail dot com

Thanks for looking..!!!


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