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pastor's wireless ocassionally loud popping/static !

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Ed Taylor:
Shure SLXD1 pack using a Shure Twinplex headband.
We might go for 2-3 months with no issue and then on a ramdom morning, he'll be mid-sermon and it starts popping. I'm thinking it's in the headset as we have quickly swapped out belt packs and still have the issue. Post service, I put it on, walk the room, move all around..can not get it to misbehave.
Typical morning for us is 8 handheld wireless, no other wireless no IEMs, guitar etc. Everything else is tethered.
We have moved the receiver from FOH desk up onto stage, etc.  I'm ready to spend money on another headband, but hoping someone has experienced similar and has the answer.. many thanks

Erik Jerde:
Are you monitoring your RF with WWB?  Thatíll give you a good read on if itís a audio signal problem or an RF problem.

Kevin Maxwell:
I suggest that you take the wireless transmitter with the mic plugged into it and bring it to the mixer. Now put on your headphones and hit the Solo on that wireless channel on the mixer. Donít put the mic on your head. Talk near or into the mic and listen to it, how does it sound? Wiggle the wire near the head of the mic and at the connector. You are trying to see if there is a lose connection anywhere. Next let the mic hang down holding the transmitter up enough that the mic isnít hitting the ground or hitting anything else. Now slide your fingers down the wire while gently letting it slip between your fingers. All of this is an attempt to see if there is a physical problem with the mic or the cable. Also gently wiggle the transmitter and see if you hear a problem.

What batteries are you using in the transmitter? Are they tight in there and are the contacts for the batteries clean? Also look very carefully (you may need a magnifier, I use a jewelers eye loop) in the mic connector and at the battery terminals do you see any green stuff in there?

Do you get the mic immediately after the pastor has used it? Is it all wet from sweat? You should also test it like I mentioned above after it has just been in use.

If you want to give me all the information of what wireless systems you are using and what frequency bands they are in and what frequencies they are tuned to and also the zip code of where the church is. I can enter all of the data in Shure WWB and see if it looks like is anything is wrong with the frequency coordination. You can PM me that info if you like.   

Edit to add - I just realized that I am assuming that you are in the USA if not can you tell me exactly where you are.

Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Ed Taylor on January 09, 2023, 03:45:50 PM ---I'm thinking it's in the headset as we have quickly swapped out belt packs and still have the issue.

--- End quote ---

I'm going to go with the assumption that you put his mic onto a different belt pack that is on a different frequency and is connecting to a different receiver and into a different channel on the mixer.  If so, then yes, you have isolated the problem to the mic.

If all you did was change the belt pack and put it onto the same frequency, all you've eliminated as a likely source of the problem is the belt pack itself.

Mike Caldwell:
Is there a live stream video you could post a link to where we could hear the noise as it happens?


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