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Gig e-mails, how many do you keep?

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Ike Zimbel:
It's January, time to at least think about cleaning up the old inbox. How many e-mails pertaining to gigs do you save, and for how long? How many do you toss, and when? Do you archive them, or at least assign them to a folder, or just let them accumulate?
I've been trying to be more proactive about deleting the "lobby call is 8:00am" and other one-and-done type responses ("Ok!" etc.) but they sure do pile up.
Interested to hear other's e-mail housekeeping tips.
Cheers and Happy New Year!

Brian Jojade:
I usually just archive all emails into customer folders, even if meaningless.  It's surprising how often I go back to see certain details about how an operation ran and the little details such as knowing when I got an email and how fast I had to respond to it can be helpful even years in the future.

Mike Caldwell:
I tend to hoard emails more or less for the same reason Brian said. I did create folder for the older production emails.

I just checked and right now I have just at 41,000 total emails......and they are all backed up!

Chris Hindle:
I file by customer, with a subfolder for each show date.

Riley Casey:
Short & sweet decision tree:

-Do I need it for billing purposes ?
-Do I need it for taxes?
-Do I need it for reference for the same show / client / venue next time around?


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