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Good but inexpensive front wash

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Bradford "BJ" James:
I have a bunch of different LED fixtures that are ok for backlighting, but for a recent community theatre production in a gym I had to use 2 x 4bars of 300w par 56 mfl lamps, and I still could have used more light. Stage area was approx 30íw x 16íd
Any good recommendations on a nice wide, bright front wash light thatís not crazy expensive?

John Schalk:

--- Quote from: Bradford "BJ" James on December 19, 2022, 10:04:33 AM ---Any good recommendations on a nice wide, bright front wash light thatís not crazy expensive?

--- End quote ---
I researched this question quite a bit this year as I had buy some four-par bars of my own if I wanted to be able to book more gigs.  What I learned is that there are lots of cheap options out there, especially on eBay, but there was one feature that set the more expensive fixtures apart; the cheap fixtures all lacked A/C in/out receptacles.  Some had short A/C in/out cords, but that still meant I'd have to wire up a receptacle box to the par-bar and I really wanted to avoid that.  I ended up getting a pretty good deal on some used Blizzard LP Par Quad RGBA fixtures (legacy product) with Powercons.  The fans are a little noisy, but I'm not doing string quintets!

The popular "DJ" level LED parcan around my neck of the woods is the Chauvet T12 (BT adds bluetooth) for $150.  They are very bright and have a decent pattern for smaller stages, but they are RGB only.  If you want RGBA, RGBW, or RGBWA you'll have to look elsewhere and the prices go up.  If these are going to live in a facility, then you may not care about being able to link the A/C, and that can save you some money.  Monoprice has a decently bright RGBW parcan without A/C linking.

Jeff Lelko:
Hi BJ, the Chauvet SlimPar Pro H6 has been my go-to for a while as a minimum baseline for general use LED pars.  They get decent color, good (enough) facial light, run silent, and donít flicker when dimming.  Back before the pricing on everything went nuts these could be had for around $230/ea.  These days I have no clue what a good price would be, but stepping up in quality/performance to ETC/Chauvet Fresnels will easily double your purchase price compared to the SlimPars.  Hope this helps!

Paul G. OBrien:
I had a bunch of these in the 200w warm white only version that I sold to a church, quite bright, no shadows, powercon in and out and camera friendly apparently as the church regularly live streams thier services. They later added the barn doors for a bit more utility and to keep the light off the backdrop as much as possible.

Bradford "BJ" James:
Thanks guys. That gives me a bit to start looking into it.
Cheers. BJ


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