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FS: Shure Axient AD4Q Quad channel receiver


audrey wills:

Offering for sale is a lovely Shure Axient AD4Q Quad channel receiver in perfect working condition and it is 100% efficient, This is a professional level wireless system, which is used for TV broadcasts, live concerts, and by your favorite singing stars.
Here are some other details:
Frequency band is 470-636 Mhz
Next-gen digital radio for maximum stability
184MHz tuning range across all receivers and transmitters
Up to 47 active transmitters per 6MHz TV channel
Frequency Diversity plus advanced interference detection and avoidance
Quadversity mode for extended antenna coverage and improved RF signal-to-noise ratio.

Included is the receiver, original box and manual, power cable, 2 Shure antenna cables, as well as 2 aftermarket antenna cables, and original antennas.

Asking price:USD$5850 OBO

If you are interested reach me via mail,
h7mhas at gmail dot com

Thank you for looking.


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