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Any experience with the HOLOPLOT X1 Matrix Array?

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Lee Buckalew:

--- Quote from: Matthias McCready on December 02, 2022, 11:01:39 PM ---It was for WPC and WPL, both processed with 1:1 resolution. Both had this issue on stage behind the array, a super hot 2k spike.


This being said I thought the Martin stuff sounded great for the price point; however the front coverage was much more inconsistent compared to the other brands at the demo.


This demo was during Covid though, so I had the feeling that the product was pretty new to the guys Martin had deploying it, and they were not able to send someone who knew the product as well, so the "bad showing" might have been due to deployment problems.

I would enjoy hearing their arrays again, and for a price point that is in Nexo territory I would take Martin every time.

--- End quote ---

That has not been my experience so I am thinking that you are correct.  New product, possible lack of familiarity. 
There can also be issues if you have two few boxes for what you are asking the system to accomplish.  When that is the case then you are best off to not ask for any hard avoid areas, you can turn it off in the DSP calculations.
My real curiosity was WPx vs. MLA-x as MLA has much higher resolution. 



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