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LCD Screen Repair???


Frank Czar:
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a company that can repair the LCD screens in some DSP units? I have 4 DSP units, 3 different brands, that still work with the exception of the screen. They are all out of warranty and the manufactures want nothing to do with them. There used to be a company that did a lot of LCD screen work on keyboards but I cant find or remember their name.


Lee Douglas:
I know Full Compass has some screens for dbx DSP products.  And I was able to find back lighting for LCD screens on keyboards and rack gear on eBay.  What are looking for specifically?

Jim McKeveny:
Few, if anyone, manufactured their own screens. Screens in prosound devices come from vending machine, Point-of-Sale, and other, larger markets. With luck the actual part manufacturer will have some identifying name or p/n on the screen. While the OEMs likely have moved on to larger/better res products by now, lots of NOS is likely be floating around worldwide.


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