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Nightclub install- Music play back???

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Bill Hornibrook:
I should add that my response was based on lounge level strip clubs, so please use Paul's as a guide if you are doing something larger and more upscale.

I should have added a mixer and mics though. There will probably be times when mic work is needed even without a DJ present.

If the house DJ has been hired, ask what their recommendations are. 

Tim McCulloch:
My inclination is such installs is:  a SYSTEM DSP with 2 sets of inputs, one set for house and another set for guest DJ; emcee mic; and paging/VOG.  Install a wall station in the booth to select which DJ, and control emcee mic level.  Paging/VOG should be preset and unalterable by typical users.

The DSP will allow you to limit DJ levels and make it impossible for DJs to bypass them.  You can assign extra outputs to entertainer dressing room/green room and install a wall station if they need to control backstage levels.

What PA you use does not matter - it can be powered or passive, QSC or ABC or JBL or XYZ.  The DSP is agnostic...

Set it up with a house mixer that can be WiFi pad controller or Ethernet controlled from a PC or laptop.  Ya need space for the guest DJ's that bring their own controller.  Definitely don't disassemble the house system to host a guest.

Standard setup for the mobile guys these days is to use an outboard mixer that the controller feeds into.  That will also control a couple of wireless mics.  For my mobile setups I use a Midas MR12 in the main system and a Behringer XR12 in the smaller system.  That will give you control over the mic(s) at all times and with compressor/limiters you can keep the guest DJ's on a leash so nothing gets screwed up.

Feeding an outboard mixer into a DSC is the best idea.  Again,that's how my stuff is setup.

Whatever ya do, make the house system be able to host a guest setup by plug and play without dismantling anything in the house setup.

Tracy Garner:

--- Quote from: Frank Czar on November 25, 2022, 12:44:44 PM ---Hey all,
I'm doing an install in an "Adult Entertainment Nightlub". I have it all figured out with the exception of the mixer/playback system. The club will have a House DJ but will also want to have guest DJ's from time to time who will possibly be using their own mixer/playback rig. I realize there are many options out there but is there an industry standard for this or could you recommend some options?


--- End quote ---

Have a mixer available that the house DJ plugs into but also make a stereo XLR available for a guest DJ or track acts to tap into. Its an added bonus if its easy for the bartender to tap into that setup on their phone or tablet.


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