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FS: Shure QLXD124/SM58 with Antenna Distro


Lev Raber:
FS: 2 systems Shure QLXD124/SM58 V50 band with 844+V antenna/power distribution
I have 2 sets like this one for sale, hand held mics used ones, beltpacks never used
In total 2 x antenna distros, 4 x QLXD4, 4 x QLXD1 and 4 x QLXD2/SM58
Price per set $3.5K OBO plus shipping
Pls contact me soundsgood55 at aol if interested

One system sold,
I have 1 set left for sale: 844+ antenna distro, 2 x QLXD4, 2 x QLXD1 and 2 x QLXD2/SM58


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