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cable labels

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Looking for a usable solution to cable labeling and ID. This is for everything from XLR cables to 50a to 2/0 feeder. We have been using a standard P-touch for years, and it's great for most things, but I'm looking for something I can print our logo and other font-specific stuff onto, then wrap around cables and have them stick and be flexible. Printing from a standard laser printer. Self-laminating greatly preferred. Anybody got a real world recommendation? There are lots of items available that seem to fit the bill, and then others that definitely do not. I just want to try to get the correct one the first time. Any help is appreciated.

Tim McCulloch:
THE brands for labeling are Brady and maybe Kingsley.  Printing on a regular office printer?  Uh...

Bob Faulkner:
I use this:

You can use vinyl or polyester labels.  It has done very well for me.

Tommy Peel:
I labeled all of mine with labels printed on regular paper which I taped to the cable and covered with 4:1 clear heat shrink. Not sure how practical it would be on really big cables, but for XLRs and such they've held up well to the past 5+ years of light use. They are somewhat ugly, especially after getting dirty, but with them on the mixer end of the cable it's not an issue for me.

Dave Garoutte:
Note that Bob wants to print his LOGO, not just lettering.


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