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Laptop into mixer is buzzing

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Mike Caldwell:
It's not the cable itself but needing isolation between the the computer / video system and the sound system.
The DI would work chances are you'll need to flip the ground switch.

The mentioned USB-P works great, plug it into your computer and then set up the audio out to use it as the default audio output device.

Jonathan Johnson:
I can't address Macs specifically, but I've noticed this behavior with other PCs when they go into sleep mode. The sound card is somehow put into a different mode that puts noise onto the line.

You might need to disable sleep mode during the service.

Or get a dedicated USB audio interface, such as the aforementioned Peavey USB-P, and avoid noisy onboard audio devices and unbalanced lines altogether.

David Aberdeen:
Thanks for the responses.  I will look into these possible solutions.

Ole Anderson:
Unplug your wall wart and try running it on battery alone.  That is often your source of buzzing. Edit: I see you are already running on battery.

Stephen Beatty:
This is the best thing to do as suggested above. The Peavey USB-P USB Playback Device is a plug and play device. It has 2 XLR balanced outputs and can be run in mono or stereo mode. I have used it on Windows, Mac and Linux driven machines. So who ever brings in a laptop to play can hook up easy.

You will start to see USB-C only machine so get the appropriate USB cables. 


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