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Laptop into mixer is buzzing

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John Schalk:
Another vote for the Peavey USB-P, it's a great piece of kit and Guitar Center has them for only $53.19 this morning.  We bought one for the karaoke DJ's laptop at a local club and liked it so much that, when we swapped out the X32 at FOH for an M32, we bought another one to use for the house music coming from a computer at FOH.  Got rid of a whole nest of dirty patch cables. 

Jonathan Johnson:
One word of caution with the USB-P: there were some units that shipped with one (or both?) of the channels' polarity inverted.

This causes cancellation when mixing to mono (or selecting mono output), and if playing back on stereo speakers could result in unacceptable phasing issues.

So when you get it, check to see that it doesn't go silent when playing back in mono mode. (You'll need a source that has the same waveform in left and right channels. If using a stereo source, mono content such as centered vocals may cancel.)

To identify the bad channel, you'll probably need to record the output and analyze the waveform, comparing it with the waveform from the original source.

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Mine is, unfortunately, one of those with a problem. Also unfortunately, I identified the issue after the warranty period expired. I wired up an adapter that flips the polarity on the bad channel. Even so, I would not hesitate to buy another; I'd just make sure it worked properly.

Stephen Beatty:
Wow. That's not good. The two I have are fine. A good thing to know.


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