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Author Topic: Partner Wanted  (Read 770 times)

Craig Leerman

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Partner Wanted
« on: October 29, 2022, 05:54:51 PM »

Jr Partner Wanted

Hi, I’m Craig Leerman.  You might know me as a moderator here or from my work at Live Sound Mag, but I also own a live production company called “Tech Works” that is based in Reno, Nevada and I am looking for a Junior Partner.

Tech Works is ranked as the best company in the industry by the owner’s mother for 3 of the last 5 years! Other Prestigious awards include “Best Dad Ever” received by the owner last Father’s Day from his beautiful and extremely smart daughter and “Second Best Costume” awarded to the owner at a Halloween Party in 1986 when he showed up after a gig and people thought he was dressed as a “Disgruntled Soundguy”.

Tech Works is a full service provider of Audio, Lighting, Staging, Backline (instrument rentals like drums and guitars amplifiers), and A/V for meetings, conventions, concerts and events. For over 40 years we have been providing our clients with the highest level of service and peace of mind while handling their production needs.

Tech Works specializes in providing top notch services for small to midsize shows, concerts, festivals and events. Our Inventory includes fantastic, well maintained pro level gear not usually found in music stores. Audio loudspeakers from Danley Sound Labs and Renkus-Heinz. Audio consoles from Yamaha and Soundcraft. Stage Lighting gear from ETC, Electrol Engineering (now Lex), High End Systems, Martin, Altman and Chamsys. We also have roofed stages, stage risers, and A/V gear including switchers, screens and projectors. Our backline inventory contains acoustic and electric guitars, drums, keyboards and guitar and bass amps. Not to brag but we also have a cowbell!

Shows Tech Works has done in the past include concerts at the White House and Inaugural Balls for Presidents, sound/lighting for Tuesday Night Fights on USA TV, sound/lighting for a motorcycle reveal for an Orange County Choppers TV episode in Vegas and hundreds of concerts with some of the biggest acts in the biz! (Visit our website at and look under the CLIENTS tab to see who)

Shows Tech Works has not done include Polka Fest 1999, The Beatles and every bagpipe concert there has ever been.

Visit our website to learn a little more about us.

Recent gigs include various political events with Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Rich Scott, Congressman Mark Amodei, Senator Ted Cruz and dozens of events with Senate/Congress/local office hopefuls. Wedding events with bands flying into the area and concerts and special events around the area. We have worked with Presidents, famous entertainers and a guy named Norman, who frankly sang a bit off-key.

I’m getting old and decrepit and am seeking a JR partner who wants to help run the company out of the ground and make us rich and successful. COVID and I ran the company into the ground, but I am stubborn and would like to get back on top and get rich and eventually be able to retire on a beach full of good looking mermaids and sip margaritas.

I’m open to a bunch of different scenarios like:
You have gear and would like to join forces and move to Reno
You have no gear but would like to invest some money and move to Reno
You have no gear or money but would like to invest your time and energy and move to Reno
You have no gear, money or desire to move to Reno but wanted to reach out and say hello because you liked an article I did 5 years ago and said to yourself “one day I’m going to reach out to Craig and tell him what a bang up job he did on that article!”

Come on man! I know you wanna move to the Reno area and work production.

You will be paid well and there may be donuts in your future! (Mmmn doughnuts)

Duties may include:
Helping find clients and marketing the company
Helping to update the website
Posting on Social media about Tech Works and what you had for lunch
Visiting Craig in the old soundguy’s home after he retires
Using your great skills in audio, lighting or other production areas.
Loading and unloading trucks
Load and unload trucks while singing disco favorites, heavy metal or Snoop songs
Pushing road cases
Pulling road cases
Watching others push road cases
Helping others push heavy road cases
Staring at road cases trying to remember where to push them
Pointing an SM57 at a guitar cabinet and then not turning up the channel because the guitar player is too loud for the room
Hanging and focusing a Leko
Standing around the sound and lighting consoles looking cool
Using a Sharpie Marker
Eating bad catering
Eating good donuts (Mmmm donuts)
Set and strike production gear at events
Gaff taping stuff
Yelling at people who come near our cables with “Duct” tape
Plugging an XLR cable into channel 7 in an audio snake
Standing around and waiting for clients to make up their minds at events
Moving gear into another position after clients change their mind at events
Smiling politely at catering personnel who just ran over our cable with a cart
Saying “Test, Check, Sibilance, Sibilance” before Aerosmith performs. (Bonus points if you know where that is from)
Operate audio, lighting and A/V equipment
Wearing a fake smile as you operate audio, lighting and A/V equipment at a boring corporate event
Operate on my cousin Bob's hernia (dull knife provided)
Operating a flashlight so you can see in the dark backstage
Coiling up cables with the proper "over/under" method
Uncoiling cables from the "scrunch them up and just toss it in the trunk" method
Hanging out backstage with major performers like that guy, who was in the band with that other guy, you know who I'm talking about
Hanging out with our friendly dogs at the shop
Cleaning the dog fur off your clothing after hanging out with the pups
Wearing Black Clothing with a cool multi tool on your belt
Impressing your significant other with how bad you smell after a long day
Performing all other job related duties to help our clients have a great event

Ability to relocate to a great place
Ability to work indoors, outdoors and tweendoors (half inside/half outside)
Ability to stand for long periods of time while waiting for the catering truck to clear the dock
Ability to bend, stoop and kneel while setting up and striking equipment and cables
Ability to wad gaff tape into a large ball at the end of the gig
Ability to lift 50 pounds and push wheeled cases up to 200 pounds
Ability to jump out of the way of a 200 pound wheeled case rolling toward you
Ability to climb and work from ladders
Ability to not fall off ladders
Ability to work at heights on personnel lifts
Ability to attach lanyard on fall protection gear and not fall from lift
Working knowledge of hand and power tools
Working knowledge of donuts (Mmmm Donuts)
Valid Drivers license and reliable transportation
Ability to work under pressure and deadlines
Ability to eat a quick meal while sitting on a road case backstage
Ability to effectively communicate in English in both written and oral forms
Ability to listen to Craig talk about how we did things in the “Old Days”
Ability to smile and act interested as you listen to Craig tell the same boring stories about how things were done in the “Old Days”
Ability to count past 10 without taking off your shoes to use your toes
Ability to work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays
Ability to look like you enjoy working weekends and holidays
Ability to make up to your family and friends for working nights, weekends and holidays

Do NOT apply if you:
Don't like having fun at work
Use duct tape instead of gaff (don’t ever talk to me if you do this)
Have said “Hold my beer and watch this” right before an accident
Think OSHA is a city in Wisconsin
Don't like being part of a great team
Think wearing a lime green leisure suit is correct stagehand attire
Say “Breaker, Breaker One Nine” over the intercom system
Think truss bolts are "optional" equipment
Think showers are optional
Like to show up late for things like work
Don't like donuts (Mmmm Donuts) (just leave now if you don’t like donuts, seriously)
Are allergic to Mini Maglights
Don’t want to help our clients have great events
Know it all

I’m just joking about some of the duties but am very serious about quality and customer service!! Every job we do is professional and every interaction we have with our customers supports their goal of creating an event to remember.

Minimum age 18, Maximum age is 145

Minimum height 18", Maximum height 18'

Tech Works is an equal opportunity employer. Women are encouraged to apply. Bagpipe players are discouraged to apply. Seriously, if you play the bagpipes just stay away!

If you are looking to make a big change in your life and move to a great area, great place to raise a family, good schools, lots of jobs and opportunities, lots of outdoor recreation, no state income tax but high gas prices, the Reno area and Tech Works can help you out.

Northern Nevada is a great place to live and work. Lots of big companies and casinos for family members to get jobs. Lots of local festivals and gigs.

If you are interested, (and I know you are because you are still reading this) please respond with an email of 2,000 words or less why you want to partner with me  and how much better my company would be if I partnered with you.

Include a list of your skill set (example: can leap tall buildings in a single bound or can pretend the guitarist’s mic is on), your experience, your resume, and a contact phone number so I can call you. Please, no phone calls, email a resume including your phone number. I will read all resumes while eating a donut (Mmmm Donuts) If I think you can be a good fit and have what it takes to devour a donut (Mmmm Donuts), I will call you.

Today’s Lucky Lottery Numbers: 1, 7, 29, 33 1/3

Tech Works
[email protected]
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Partner Wanted
« on: October 29, 2022, 05:54:51 PM »

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