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Minka Matikainen:
My main thing nowadays is fixed installation, and based on my own experiences on reliability, scalability, configurability etc., I would promote following:
- Yamaha MRX7-D with MY8-ADDA96 (I've heard that the availability is getting better)
- Q-Sys CORE 110f (the new model to meet supply chain issues is enough) + 2x QIO-L4o

And if you have tight budget then
- Yamaha MTX5-D with MY8-ADDA96

MTX5-D is a lot more simplified and depending on your needs, it might meet them, or not... MRX7-D and Q-Sys WILL meet your needs.

Those are the ones I am mainly using in my work. I've worked also with London, BiAmp, Symetrix... All of those are OK, but none of those would be my "go to" choice for various reasons.


Scott Carneval:

--- Quote from: David Sturzenbecher on October 15, 2022, 11:53:25 AM ---Hi Scott,
I am curious how a A&H console would “integrate” directly with it?  Simply the protocols match or is there a level of bidirectional control?

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--- End quote ---

The AHM can act as a 'stage box' for Allen & Heath SQ, Avantis, or D-Live. Any source that is physically connected to the AHM processor is also available as an input in the Console, and vice versa. Same with outputs.

This is really useful in a scenario where you want to give an unskilled operator the ability to turn up a couple wireless mics, audio from video, and maybe a BT/Aux input plate on the wall. These sources can be connected directly to the AHM and the unskilled operator can use one of the physical wall controls from A&H  or the iOS app. But those same inputs are also patched to the A&H console so they can be used during a show with a skilled operator. This means you don't have to buy extra wireless mics or mess with XLR splitters.

Tim McCulloch:
If you're happy with the BSS Soundweb, consider the London Blu series.


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