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Northlight DMX is closed


John Fruits:
Some of you may have used products from Northlight DMX.  Sadly the owner James has passed away and the business is closed.  James made many DMX products which no one else is building.  He will be missed

paul west:
hello all. my name is wes. ive stumbled upon some forums via james of northlight dmx. i'm great friends with the niece and nephew of 'james' aka alan (allen, allan?) cart. sadly early october we were informed he had passed.

i am an audio guy / studio producer in phoenix with a general love and knowledge for diy electronics. i never got to meet james and wish i did but the niece and mother informed me that james was very into light automation and doing lighting for concerts in the 80s. thats all i knew as of a month ago.

i went to check out his estate today to help mom and family discuss his workshops and what i could do to help with selling the estate. im no dmx guy but my understanding for diy electronics has led me to be totally blown away by his legacy of diy circuits and community.

james did not have any kids so the estate has been somewhat passed down to his brother and sisters; children and/or mothers estate.

i feel like theres not a better scenario to have this legacy of diy electronics than to fall in my lap. i'm totally beginner electronics mostly audio related (having a ton of vintage 80s music gear / synthesizers), but my best friend is very electrically inclined building diy circuits (tr-909 clone, analog synthesizers etc) but i have a feeling what he's leaving behind is way too important. i would love to help in some way.

i had a 15 minute walk through of his estate and along with all his electrical analysis stuff is 100s of blank pcbs, some completed, some not, etc, hundreds of mouser orders. i would hate for this to be swept under the rug and just left donated or untouched. i understand the importance.

is there anybody out there good friends with james? i want to help any and all sides to find some peace and completion with this within the community.

you may reach out to me at paulwestcontact @ gmail . com

im not looking for somebody to buy this out to resell. can we help keep this alive in some way?

paul west:
please show some love to northlight dmx and his contributions to the diy art to show his family

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: naughtycop69 on October 27, 2022, 06:19:21 AM ---please show some love to northlight dmx and his contributions to the diy art to show his family

--- End quote ---

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