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Audient EVO USB Interfaces


Russell Ault:
Just in case anyone's interested, I wanted to mention that I recently started using an Audient EVO 4 with Smaart. I hadn't heard of until I bought it (I think it's pretty new) but it seemed ideal for quick-and-dirty measurement work: a bus-powered USB interface with two recallable headamps (and separate phantom power switching for each input) and an internal loopback interface in a conveniently small package (and for less money than a Scarlet 2i2).

I do have some nitpicks about the software (e.g. there doesn't seem to be an easy way to set the input gain numerically, although I might have found a work-around), and the loopback interface is all-digital (so it introduces absolutely no time or magnitude changes to the signal, unlike the analogue inputs which are, unsurprisingly, not perfectly mag-and-phase flat, although for my work they're close enough), but otherwise I've been very happy, particularly with its size and features.

FWIW, the other EVO interfaces look like they might also be useful for measurement work: the EVO 8 is a bus-powered, recallable headamp 4x4 USB interface (also with internal loopback), and the EVO 16 is 8x8 with an internal power supply (and, for what it's worth, quite a bit cheaper than an Octa-Capture).

That said, I don't believe Smaart provides gain tracking for EVO-series interfaces like it does for the Octa-Capture (but since Rational Acoustics have started selling the EVO 4 themselves I'm hoping it's only a matter of time?).



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