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Hanging mic recommendations

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Mike Caldwell:
Hanging mic are fine for room, ambient, congregation singing, just keep them away from air vents.

Hanging mics for my opinion not so great. Much better results with even average mics on stands pointed at the choir.

Dwayne Aasberg:

--- Quote from: Rick Earl on September 29, 2022, 04:04:00 PM ---I prefer rigging a good mic and letting that hang, it is not much more intrusive and you get a better sounding mic.

--- End quote ---

What is 'rigging' and 'letting that hang'?

--- Quote from: Rick Earl on September 29, 2022, 04:04:00 PM ---You can experiment with mic stands before you go to the trouble to hang, to make sure placement works and gives you what you need.   I also recommend active mixing of you broadcast mix, as you probably don't want them up all the time for certain parts of the service.

--- End quote ---

Have been doing both for over a year now.  Getting tired of people kicking the mic stands, or moving them so they aren't 'pointing' at them in the congregation.  Have had good quality sound when not interfered with.  Yes, and active mixing is key.

Will start experimenting with actual hanging mics in next weeks.


Rick Earl:

--- Quote from: Dwayne Aasberg on October 10, 2022, 10:16:44 AM ---What is 'rigging' and 'letting that hang'?

--- End quote ---
Using something like this:

or this:

or if you're handy, see how those are made and roll your own.

Pat Hamp:

--- Quote from: Dave Pluke on September 19, 2022, 10:43:57 PM ---Also be careful not to pick up HVAC noise. A notch filter may be required to cut some paper-rustling frequencies.

Haven't used any of the mics you mentioned (have used Earthworks for Choirs and low cost LDCs for Audience) but, if you're happy with the MX202, why not be consistent?


--- End quote ---

Been there done that, do a check of the noise floor with an analyzer and if possible, record the session so you can figure out what frequencies you need to address. If its variable speed air handlers, make sure it's on high and check in both heat and AC mode.  Also are the ducts vaned or regulated to reduce noise?  I worked in a church once where the GC for build didn't have an acoustician look at his mechanicals and the place was 80 plus until the fan speeds were adjusted and duct work was insulated and vaned. It's amazing what the base ambient noise level can be depending on construction and configuration. Best of luck.


--- Quote from: Dwayne Aasberg on September 19, 2022, 08:52:23 PM ---Good evening.

We intend to install two hanging mics over the seating area of our sanctuary to gather crowd singing/responses during webcasts.  Our first intention was to use a pair of Shure MX202 as we have experience with those for our choir.  However, flipping the screens of the modern Yellow Pages (St. Google) I've discovered Shure CVO and Audio-Technica Pro 45 as potential alternates.

The mics will be hung so they point directly away from the flown speaker array at the front of the sanctuary.  As well, they will never be routed to the FOH mix, they will only feed into the webcast mix.

Can anyone provide pros or cons for any of these alternatives?

Thx in advance for your responses.
Dwayne A

--- End quote ---

Are these going to supplement other crowd mics, or will these be your first?

If it's your first, I'd suggest trying out some other spare mics that you might have access to before deciding to purchase more equipment.  Crowd mics don't need to be flown over the audience to be effective.  Most facilities will have crowd mics located on the stage pointed at the crowd.  You can try these arrangement with what you already have and see if the results are acceptable.

Of course if you already have those types of mics and want to supplement them, then adding some hanging mics might work well, although shotgun mics can work well too (might be mounted on side walls pointed across the audience or up high pointed down)


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