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No more baby vans? (in North America anyway)

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Daniel Levi:
I suppose if you really want one the only option would be to import from Europe or similar where they are immensely popular, with VW, Stellantis , Ford and RNMA all still selling them over here in Petrol, Diesel and Electric variants.

Dave Garoutte:
I use my Honda Fit for my smaller shows.  On anything bigger, I need to get out the box truck (which is got primarily for my stage).  I would gladly use an electric city van, which would cover 90% of my shows.

Dave Pluke:

--- Quote from: drew gandy on September 17, 2022, 07:47:26 PM ---Ford's "Transit" is still being made. But the "Transit Connect" (2.0 liter - 162HP) is being discontinued.

--- End quote ---

I had a 15 pax Medium Roof Transit which worked well (with seats removed), but had meager towing capability.

Multiple factors led to going with an F350 turbo diesel and 8.5' x 16' trailer. There are days I really miss the Transit and other days when I think a Transit Connect would be an ideal solution. May have to watch the used market.



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