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Si Expression L&R + Sub

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Patrick Tracy:

--- Quote from: John Schalk on September 15, 2022, 10:27:11 AM ---I did look at using the Mono "mix" on the console, but there isn't a direct mono level control for the channel's mono send like there is on the X/M 32 consoles, so I opted for the sends on fader approach using a standard mix bus.

--- End quote ---

The Expression has a mono master fader. It becomes the master fader for whatever aux send you might have selected so the LR fader is available regardless.

[Edit] I probably misintepreted that. You want per-channel control.

That brings up a question. If you're going to make the effort to align the tops and subs to make them phase coherent, doesn't having different gain at the channel level defeat that? If you change the gain in one band relative to another, you effectively change the crossover frequency and thus the phase alignment. It seems inconsistent to me.

lindsay Dean:
The system would should be designed / installed by vetted professoinals versed in rigging calculation, system alignment preferably mounting the subs with the mains, that's going to require more subs or higher effiency  but having the subs flown would be more evenly distributed.
         Stereo depending on the size and shape of the room would require more cabinets to create the stereo field in different areas of the space.

All of this is dependent on your budget but in no way is rigging a DIY gig


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