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My turbo sound active speakers continue to fail.


Hello. I work at Gertieís, the casino in Dawson City, Yukon Canada. Weíve had a Turbosound PA installed for about six years. This year we had a brand new, beautiful lighting rig professionally installed. However in the last five months our turbosound tops have succumb to the same problem multiple times. I have a basic level of electronic repair understanding and have done the visually obvious repair a few times.Something is burning out the same transformer solder points on the AC side. Iíve attached pictures and Iím looking for insight. This is happening too often to be a coincidence.

Mike Caldwell:
Maybe the trace is not large enough to handle the current?

Have to jumper the trace with a piece of wire?

Brian Jojade:
Have you checked your supply voltage?  A lower supply voltage results in higher current draw as the power supply compensates and sometimes that will push gear beyond its capabilities and cause premature failure.


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