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FS: Vintage Neumann U47 Microphone


audrey wills:
Up for sale is a vintage Neumann U47 Microphone in excellent working condition, no fault or any issue with the microphone.

Tested and cleaned (capsule as well) by Nordic Broadcasting Solutions in Summer 2021.

Completely original condition, no changed pieces. Signal to noise ratio - 106 dBu.

Little engraving behind "Yleisradio R..." is an inventory number of the first owner (Finnish Radiocompany).

Tube VF 14 Telefunken-Telestar inside is an original Telefunken VF 14 tube sold in Finland with name Telestar because of the II Worldwar peace treaty in Finland it was not possible to buy german (Telefunken) stuff.

This is a vintage piece in excellent pristine condition, if you know about this then you certainly would want to have this as a vintage collection.

Asking Price: USD$15,000

If you are interested kindly send me a message via mail
h7mhas at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking...!!!!


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