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Russell Ault:

--- Quote from: Helge A Bentsen on October 02, 2022, 04:44:33 PM ---Don't know about the AES50 ports, but the fun part with this kind of device is that every network switch has a 1:1 isolation transformer on the input.
So, you're isolating a transformer using a transformer  ::)

--- End quote ---

In theory all Ethernet-over-twisted-pair devices (not just switches) should have galvanic isolation (although IIRC at least one iteration of Raspberry Pi forgot to include it), but I've never seen an Ethernet device with a ground lift switch (although you're right that an extra set of transformers shouldn't be needed to lift ground, assuming your endpoints are behaving properly).

I suppose (for the truly adventurous) it's been suggested that DiGiCo's MADI-over-Cat5 implementation (or at least the SD9's version of it) lacks galvanic isolation; perhaps this is the "solution" for that. :D



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