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Soco to L21-30 breakout.


Al Rettich:
My company has been built on L14-30. Not sure why, just that was what we started with and just stayed there.  Our distros are L14-30.  But, I do have two socopex outputs. With our new PA the racks are L21-30. I need five of them.  Iím wondering if someone makes a Soco to L21-30 breakout. I would assume you could get three connections out of one soco, with two being on my distro thatís great! Use to utilize DimmerRack, but theyíre out of commission right now. 

Andrew Broughton:
Soc A pex.

Brian Hancock:
Its not as simple as throwing 2x 21-30 on a 6 circuit multipin ... how are the amps fed 120v or 208? If 120v then you run a pretty solid risk of tripping a breaker umder heavy load, basically any sub power draws, as the "soca" is typically a 14 or 12g cable fed from 20a breakers

Now if you can wire 3x amps with something like an l6-20 @ 208 you are probably good to go ... how does the 21-30 breakout inside the rack ... you need xy, yz, zx

Fyi this is how we feed all our amps from 21-30 @ 208


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