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Classroom setup

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Stephen Swaffer:
Unless I am missing something the AHM either 16 or 32 should handle all paging switching-it allows two priority channels  and appears I can control the source prior to the priority channels so a music source can be turned off while leaving the paging volume at a predetermined level?

Someone clicking it is precisely why I don't want a physical control.  Pastor wanted walk in music in the foyers last year with a volume control-he initially wanted a physical control.  It took some configuring-but I convinced him to simply use aux mixes off the auditorium mixer with an usher login that only has access to those auxes.  That has worked great-essentially transparent to the tech mixing the service.

Scott, I like the IP1-but at $399/room plus install?  I'm sorry-but if they can make an Android tablet for $50, $400 for a pot and a switch with a coms IC seems a little like price gouging-but if they can sell it that's their business.  Just hard for me to justify an extra $7000-8000 in my situation.

I'm sure there are limitations I haven't discovered-number of users seems to be one (certainly understandable on the processing side).


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