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Small Budget Rider Friendly Gear

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currently got x32 compact, few EV ZLX speakers, Shure beta58a mics. That I used pretty often for small events.
Due to health issues, I no longer will be going out to run sound so planning to invest into gear that others will rent out from me. Speakers, mics, amps, mixers, signal processors, stands, carts, laptops, iPads etc. 
My budget right now is around $20k. But I have an option of taking a business loan up to $50k.
So if there is certain  gear thatís is slightly over my budget but if that gear is in high demand Iím willing to take business loan, putting my money and borrowing money from others.

Tim McCulloch:
Good luck and best wishes for your endeavour.  The company I manage had enough difficulty with "retail rentals" that we stopped and now only rent to other audio businesses.

There are several forum members who have had much better results and will be chiming in, I'm sure.

Bob Stone:
It's less rider friendly as what has best ROI. $20k is not buying much for rider level stuff, so get brands/gear that most people will know of and can go out all the time. I'd aim for having one complete rig that can handle a small band or a corporate event.

QSC K.2 tops and KS subs.
Full Shure/Senn/Audix mic kit for a typical band (vocals, amps, drums, etc.)
Few channels of wireless
A&H Qu or SQ boards
Usual snakes, power, cables, stands, etc.
Cases/bags for everything, at least if the speakers are transported in bags they might have a possibility of not looking like crap after only a few rentals banging around in the back of a pickup truck unprotected. I HATE renting gear that looks totally destroyed and will find places that have cleaner inventory.

I'd also think about having some entry level stuff..Mackie VLZ/ProFx or whatever 8-12 channel analog boards that will have ROI after only a few $50/day rentals. Also, look at what others in the area have for rental...if someone has say 4 boxes of VRX, you also having another 4 boxes and lifts could result in some good referral/cross rental business.

Also consider your health in terms of the gear coming/going and checking it out. No point in getting SRX828's if you can't move a 100+ lb box.

Just be sure your business model is solid and you have the branding and good will for your operation in your area before leveraging to that degree.

Experience talking.  Not trying to sway you at all, just be on solid ground.  We did some 3 year lease to own deals back in the day that worked out well.  The trick is to lease the right gear that brings back the return.  (Captain Obvious sighing off now) :)


 I wouldn't worry about riders. At your level that probably isn't going to happen.  Most folks who have to fulfill rider requirements are looking at $500K or more in gear.  If you want ROI, look at things like a a dozen wireless units; headset and handhelds. Shure SLX D, Audio Technica 3000 series or Sennheiser ew 100. All are reliable and not stupid expensive.  There are always schools and churches looking to have a play or an Easter thing or a Christmas thing or something that is going to need them.  Also, look at pipe and drape. Not sexy, but it will bring in the dough if there are any corporate gigs within 200 miles.  Add on a few things like Radial Di's, some good mic stands and you are good to go.  As others have said, make sure the business plan is solid. Sound isn't really a big buck return, ask anybody who has purchased a $200K  digital mixer. 
Just my 2 cents. Good Luck.



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