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DMX fixtures themselves on relay circuits?

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Paul Johnson:
I wish I had relays or even a circuit breaker I could trip. One of the very difficult to get to bars in my venue is on 24/7 and every now and then one of the fixtures dies. When you get it down, itís full of packed dust, all grills and slots blocked. This is a perfect example of where switchable power, by any means, is a really, really good idea. Any gear that you leave on 24/7 of any price is a gamble. Many fixtures go to sleep when DMX is removed, but theyíre still on, and ready to power up. Others continue to run the fan, just in case. Kill the power. Do you turn off traditional dimmers? Some do, some donít, but the same things apply. Many people have a big clunky switch they always turn off. Others, like me, have had their dimmers turned on for 30 years, to keep the cabinets warm through cold damp winters when the place is closed. For me, itís worked well. For the people who pay the bill, they donít know!

To foot stomp the above 3 posts.  Standard protocols for any installed equipment should be fully powered down when not in use.  Fans, dirt, grit and such are something that's a definite issue.

Additionally, surge protection.  My shop equipment gets turned off at the breaker panel manually when not in use.  In addition to safety, the main reason is surge protection.  The milling machine has a variable frequency 3-phase converter used for speed control.  There's also a power feed on the table X axis.

The electronics on this machinery would be expensive to replace.

So, yes power it down when not in use.  Standby condition isn't the same.


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