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projector recommendation

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Stephen Swaffer:
There are smarter lighting guys on here than me-but one thought based on what we do might be to kill the front row of overhead lights and use spots positioned to light speakers faces, but not wash the screen area.  We actually light a larger area when not using a screen, but pull lights off the screen area when the screen is in use.  If it is more video content focused-say a missionary video, vs lyrics or announcements that just need to be easily discernable, we go to blackout.  In fairness, we are using a 10K laser anyway-but we have large stained glass windows to contend with especially on Sunday morning.

Jordan Wolf:
I would look to rent a single-chip, laser projector that’s rated around 8,000-10,000 lumens. Try Rentex, Nationwide Video and Hartford Rental for some options (go local, too).

You - and your church - will have a MUCH easier time swallowing the thought of rental costs when everyone finally experiences a “bright enough” projector with satisfactory color rendering for what you are doing.

Anything else will be disappointing and underwhelming.

We deploy 9’x16’ fastfold screens daily and anything less than an 8,000-lumen projector looks dim and washed out unless the entire front half of the room is dark.

Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: Jon Roelfs on August 16, 2022, 09:37:31 PM ---Thanks for the honest input and help in managing expectations. We will have to live with just turning the lights off but, would like to not have to cover the windows. The 11th hour scramble of where to get a projector is getting old. I realize a new large venue sized projector is out of our means. Is there a particular technology we should try to look for? I'm trying to plug some of our info into the calculator on projector central.

--- End quote ---

You really want a DLP laser projector, the savings in lamps is well worth spending a bit up front.

We have a couple in our rental inventory and they never fail to impress.


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