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Monitor mix

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Michael Lascuola:
I've been mixing from the stage for more years than I'd like to admit.  In this case, I'd use an Aux mix with all vocal mics set at the same level, and put nothing else in the wedges.

--- Quote from: Patrick Tracy on August 01, 2022, 01:43:18 PM ---I think the confounding factor here is that a singer already hears their own voice through their head (perhaps via bone conduction). That seems to make them need their voice loud enough to overcome that effect.
--- End quote ---
Assuming all heads are equal, I think that would not be a confounding factor.

In the my 2 cents category - if I were the 3rd best in the world at anything, I should be able to afford a competent balance engineer.  :)

Patrick Tracy:

--- Quote from: Michael Lascuola on August 02, 2022, 04:05:50 PM ---.
Assuming all heads are equal, I think that would not be a confounding factor.

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They're not equal from the perspective of a given vocalist.

Mark G. Hinge:

--- Quote from: Joel Golden on July 30, 2022, 11:59:39 PM ---We have 4 vocalists in my rock band, and want to get a good blend thru the PA. To make sure we get a good blend, I have the monitor mix the same as the PA mix. In fact I have the monitors connected to the PA speakers thru, so we hear the PA mix through monitors (including instruments). We dont have anybody that can adjust the mix from the audience, so this is the only way we can be sure its blended ok. Is this for some reason not a good idea?
thanks , Joel

--- End quote ---
I started doing the same thing with my recent band. I chain the mains and monitors for the same signal, mains and mon's are also the same speakers.

Two Vocals, Keys, Guitar and Drums (only Kick in small/mid rooms) in the mix, but I keep my bass out of it to keep it cleaner,

and my rig covers the stage and area. I also don't use Subs in regular-sized rooms, and my bass provide some low frequencies that might otherwise be missed without subs.

I am conscious about my bass tone and volume so I don't overwhelm anything or get boomy out there.

I, the rest of the band, and management have been very happy with the results, and we keep getting re-booked, so... :D


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