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Need urgent recomendation for mobile DJ speakers

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Tim Hite:
I provide sound for 20-30 wedding per year and almost exclusively with EVOLVE 50 rigs. Used to use 50's but now I send out a 50 and a 50m. They're great for up to ~250 people or so and I have never had any complaints about not having enough rig.

Generally, dance floors are 20x20 and that's all you need to get loud on. The EVOLVE's work fine for background music during dinner, as well.

Can't beat the portability and brides and planners like not having a bunch of speakers on sticks in photos.

Bonus is that I can fit 2 systems into a 22x45 caddy case with room left for cables and wireless

Bonus #2 someone on eBay is making 35mm top hats for the EVOLVE so I can put a gigbar on them for lighting. Two Gigbars will fit into the same caddy case as the speaker systems.

Other than my EVOLVE rigs, I'm an RCF TT+ shop. Very nice gear but I make more money with the EVOLVEs

Paul Johnson:
Not DJ, but similar. The best investment I made was a proper van, and then everything I bought was flight cased or covers and fitted with wheels. I've got a ramp, and all the equipment is modular - so for some events I leave some in the van. Another good alternative are one piece speakers that have built in wheels. It's always worth having a chat with Andrew Bishop - Bishopsound. He's behind the old Carsbro company and when they got sold he started his own business and he always has solutions. Other than a happy customer, I've no connection but he helped me with some solutions for systems and his advice is solid.

Miles Hitchcock:
Thanks a lot for all your answers!!!

Tonight Im going to give it a go with my DXRs + EKX18 sub, and depending on how it goes with moving the big sub around Ill decide to go one way or another

Lee Douglas:
I recently bought a pair of JBL PRX One speaker systems that I've been pleasantly surprised with, when used within reason.  They have four XLR inputs and can be mixed stand-alone or in multiples using the pass through function to additional speakers, all which are mono.  Or using a left and right output of any mixer to get stereo.  Bluetooth input, tablet interface and the onboard mixer make it a great utilitarian speaker.  And it's very light and easy to move around.  And while very much usable, the UI is very much a work in progress.  There is a Facebook user group that has the designer onboard which has been great for odd questions and firmware change requests.  If you have a chance, go listen to one in your area.

Tim McCulloch:
Hi, Miles, and welcome to the PSW Live Audio Board forums.

I'm with Brian J, you need a helper rather than new gear.  And I bet you can charge your clients for the helper, too.  They'll pay for things they can see (people, lights, candles, table skirts and covers, etc) but if you bought the newest, lightest, loudest speaker system you'd probably not be able to raise your rates to pay for it. 

I understand back problems; my spine reflects the results of a mis-spent youth, tipping subwoofers into the van.  Just because I *could* did not mean I should have... so I get it.  For me, the issue is less the weight than the bending and twisting that simultaneously goes with the lifting.  This is where a helper earns their money.

So you've got a helper, who only "needs" to be there are load in and load out... so to keep them on the payroll, how about appropriate showtime attire for the helper, who can then handle and supervise the wireless microphones, perhaps being a "request solicitor" that interfaces with the guests, and otherwise puts a public face on it?  Nicely done human interaction will be a big scoring point with the wedding family and guests.

My goal is to work more safely and provide value to the client they are willing to pay for.  That they don't know the main reason for the helper is my lame back, so much the better. ;)


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