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Need urgent recomendation for mobile DJ speakers

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Miles Hitchcock:
Hi, been a mobile wedding DJ for 10 years now, and was thinking for some time about updating my main speakers, and had thought of doing so after the post covid wedding season ended, but last night one of my old JBL Eon 15" packed up and got a few weddings this week and really need to decide what to buy now and get it as soon as possible.
Iīve been looking, but I donīt have any shop close by to try anything, so Iīll have to trust reviews, and your recommendations.
I currently have 2 DXR 10s for my smaller venues, and even though I bought a EV EKS18SP I never use it as I find it to hard to move/lift on my own due to weight and especially itīs size, and usually using 2 JBL Eon 15" (sorry, canīt remember the model number) for bigger or outdoor venues with 110-130 guests, but even though I found them very powerful at the beginning, lately I was always forcing them too much until last night one finaly packed up. They were around 8 years old or so.

What I would really like is to be able to have more power, using only 2 "portable" speakers.
I first thought about getting some more DXR, but going up to 15", but I would prefer to get something more powerful and was looking at DZR, SRX, etc, but the weight puts me off as well.
Weight is important to me as Iīm 50 years old next year and my back always plays up during wedding season and I always set up on my own and in some venues I have to walk up steps, over gardens, etc.
Top handle is even more important as Iīve noticed that more expensive speakers donīt seem to have them like DZR15, ETX15, but the SRX15 do and I find them more than practical.
Is there a big difference in power between the PRX and SRX? or between the DXR15 and SRX15? Donīt mind paying extra, but there is quite a difference in weight between these two price ranges.

Been told that some of the other DJīs in my area use HK Audio systems, but I see so many different models, and are they really that powerful to cover a big venue, or outdoor terrace with 150-200 people? I know that declared SPL from the manufacturers arenīt something that we should take seriuosly, but I canīt see how those type of column systems can have that ammount of volume.

The music I play is typical wedding music, classic dance hits, and some chart music, all MP3, so top quality is not as important as having more power, incl bass and mobility.
Budget probably around 2000-3500€, but if itīs really worth it I can think about going higher.

Hope somebody can help me soon as I would like to order today or tomorrow

Thanks in advance!

Edit: been looking at the RCF  HDM-45A, anybody heard these or compared them? Theyīre lighter than the rest Iīve been looking at
Edit 2: Got another recomendation for EV Evolve 50m, but as I said before, will these be as powerful as the RCFīs or any of the other mentiones 15"?

The very best advice I can give you is hire some help to assist with load-in, load-out and have some backup during the shows.  Add it to your fee.

This is experience talking.

Mike Pyle:
For the events you describe I'd suggest that you buy a smaller sub that you can manage, like the DXS12, and use it with your DXR10s.

Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Steve-White on July 24, 2022, 10:18:06 AM ---The very best advice I can give you is hire some help to assist with load-in, load-out and have some backup during the shows.  Add it to your fee.

This is experience talking.

--- End quote ---


The straight reality is that when you start using weight as a factor in what the appropriate speaker is for a job, you're going to be trading quality to get there.

Now, you're coming from the older JBL eon speakers.  These were satisfactory speakers for non demanding applications, but never considered high end by any stretch.  There are LOTS of options available that will exceed their capabilities.

If lifting cabinets is an issue, then looking at smaller tops over subs is definitely the way to go.  However, if you don't have roll in access, moving around a large sub might prove difficult. But, at least you don't have to lift the sub in the air.

There are now quite a few of the little columns over sub options now available.  They range from moderate crap to pretty impressive systems.  And with roll in access setup by one individual is easily an option.  For smaller events, they are an excellent choice.  For small rooms, I prefer them over traditional cabinets as well.

Kirk Olson:
Like Mike said, look for a smaller sub that you can handle to match up with what you have. Or look at the column arrays, the form factor really works well for more "formal" events such as weddings; and are typically easy to handle weight and sizewise.  Some of the columns arrays sound really good for what they are.  Be aware, some columns do not have true subs, the bottom "sub" and top speakers couple at a higher frequency and act more like a full range speaker.


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