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M32C with Ipad and WAP mirroring M32R


Chuck Fudge:

M32C with WAP and Ipad
DL 32

I want the M32C with WAP and IPAD to mirror a M32R when connected.  In normal mode the M32C and Ipad is our standard control system connected to AES A of the DL32, however when managing larger amounts of inputs we utilize an M32R as a FOH console.  Currently I disconnect the M32C from the DL32 for connection to the M32R for FOH mixing situations.

The goal is to have the M32C with IPAD mirror the M32R when connected and turned on.  I assume the M32C is the "master" as it will hold scenes and system setup.


Is this possible using AES50 infrastructure. 

Brian Jojade:
As designed, NO. That's not a feature of the X32/M32 software.

There are projects out there that attempt to mirror the devices, but it requires a PC running software to keep them in sync.  A novel idea, but with added risk of using a third party solution.  It doesn't run over AES50 either.

What you'll need to do to accomplish your goal is duplicate the configuration of the M32R and load it into the M32C. Then, adjust your routing to send the audio signals through AES 50 to the desk and return back through the outputs.

Essentially, you're moving all control to the M32C and all audio passes through the AES50 line. Lose that cable and the show stops.

It would be pretty epic if MG would introduce slave capability into the system though, as that would keep all audio signals in the happy place on stage. If the slave unit got disconnected it wouldn't be a problem.

Note that they do support that sort of functionality using the X-touch system.  If there were a way to turn the desk into a giant X-touch you'd have exactly what you want.


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