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The Show must go on......

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Mike Monte:
This past Friday I tech'd my largest annual event: a Town's fireworks display.
(The fireworks are launched from a boat in the harbor.)
On this application I use three zones; two for the land-based audience (6-7k ppl) and one (long-throw) for the beach crowd plus boaters anchored in the harbor.
A symphonic band performs prior/during the display thus I mic the group.
The event went well.

I subcontract a another local provider to do the gig with me.  (I bring the racks/stacks for two zones and he brings one zone plus most of the cabling, mics, etc.)
Russ & I have worked this gig together since I started doing it 15(?) years ago.

On Wednesday (two days prior to the event) while my wife and I were away on vacation and I got a text from Russ that morning to call him a.s.a.p.
I called......and he told me that his wife had-died that morning.....  I was in shock (she was a pleasant lady).

Russ went on to say, "I'll get the gig covered one way or another and will call you back."
He called back Thursday midday and told me that he would be all of her final arrangements were made.

On Friday he arrived on-site and we went about tech'ing the event.  It went well.

Russ has been my mentor in my sound-endeavors since the late 90's...... He is a good man and we have become friends over the years.

As we were setting up on Friday I asked him: "Why are you here?"
His answer: "The Show must go on."

My wife & I will be attending a funeral tomorrow morning..


Bob Faulkner:

Russ sounds like a strong person.

Tim McCulloch:
My condolences to your friend on the passing of his wife.  Words fail...

Times like that, I always like to revert back to a movie line from the original Karate Kid - the scene after Daniel and Miyagi survey the destruction of his dojo and irreplaceable family artifacts - Daniel is hysterical and Miyagi calmly walks up with his fishing pole and tackle box.  Wide eyed Danial exclaims something to the effect of "your family dojo has just been destroyed and you're going fishing!"

Miyagi calmly replies "Best not be hungry too"....

Debbie Dunkley:
I am sorry for your colleagues loss.
Back in 2015, we got the call from Chris's brother in the UK that their dad had passed in the night. Of course we were here in the US so we had to leave the early arrangements in the hands of other family members till we could fly back for the funeral.
This happened on a saturday morning  and we had a show booked that night. We played and Chris distracted himself with the one thing that is sure to do so - music...The activities of the day helped him cope.


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