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Lighting Video Reviews are Useless


I have been researching in order to purchase some new lights for my mobile DJ setup. For some reason, a large majority of the videos that are produced by the companies and private reviewers only talk about the light and/or show it flashing the light up on the pole. To me, those are the secondary things that I need to see. What I need to see is the show that is being projected onto the floor. I realize that they are proud of the beams that the fog will show, but all of these lights do that.  A lot of DJs dont even use fog for various reasons I wont discuss right now.  What is showing on the floor is mostly what someone like me is paying for.  I would pick on each of these companies individually, but they are all guilty.  The top company does have some that are ok, but all of the major companies are guilty.  I have actually called corporate at the top 2 companies and they are indifferent.  I would suggest that maybe I am the only one that cared, but I was recently at my local music store and I initiated a conversation with 2 sales people and 2 other customers and we were all annoyed about the videos.  I plan to make some better videos to upload with the lights I own.  I would also encourage others who are doing reviews to improve their videos by posting a substantial amount of the light actually on the floor.  Thanks.

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: bob1087 on July 03, 2022, 07:00:31 AM ---I have been researching in order to purchase some new lights for my mobile DJ setup.

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