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NEC MT1075 Anybody using?

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David Hadfield:
One would assume that rear projection is out of the question? It has worked well for us with 2100 lumens on a 4x3m (12"x9") screen. But the problem will be with the access behind the screen. Use curtains and try to limit the amount of light into your auditorium. We have the benefit of no ambient light and well placed house lighting to get the maximum benefit from our screens where we use live to screen with song word overlays.

Saying that we hope to upgrade our 4 yr old NEC MT1050's to some flasho 6000 lumen suckers with 5.3x3m screen to get the best out of our 16x9 format Sony cameras... (assuming my maths are correct - someone knows how it works?)

Once again it all depends on priorities as far as budgets are concerned!

Front projection may provide a "brighter" solution but is out of the question for us as the PA gets in the way at the moment and any future upgrade would unfortunately do the same.

Do the best you can with what you have is what I would say...
try a few different options and find what works for you!



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