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Got a favorite place to buy replacement lead acid batteries for UPS?

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drew gandy:
So the UPS's with bad batteries are piling up and it's time to get them back up and running. I'm curious if there is a good mom and pop or otherwise 'non-amazon' place to shop for batteries these days. 


John Roberts {JR}:
The last time I researched this there were only a small handful of major battery makers in the US.

I have recently become a fan of smart battery chargers. I don't drive my car often enough over enough distance to keep the battery topped off. My old car (97) has enough drain to weaken the battery not using it more than 18 miles once a week. I now keep a smart charger on it 24/7.

Leaving lead acid batteries to sit partially discharged leads to sulfation. Some smart chargers can reverse sulfation but better to just not let the batteries deteriorate.


John L Nobile:
I use this site for my UPS batteries. It's in Canada though.

lindsay Dean:
Not sure if exide batteries is still America based manufacturing but they are one of the largest manufacturers of batteries of all kinds

Lee Douglas:
I use Batteries Plus Bulbs for most of my battery needs.  It looks like you've got several in your area.  If you think you would be buying enough, they offer corporate accounts and wholesale pricing.


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