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JBL SRX 828SP..YAMAHA DSR112/DZR 315 & 112..Lab Gruppen


John Mcleod:
All purchased right before covid  except DSR112 ..
1..JBL SRX 828SP..4 available with upgraded locking casters and jbl covers..never giged or left the property. $5000/pr●●SALE PENDIG●●
2..YAMAHA DZR 315..4 available with weather covers $3500/pr●●SALE PENDING ●●
3..YAMAHA  DZR 112..4 available with weather covers $2500/pr......●●..1pr SOLD
4..YAMAHA DSR112..5 available..purchased in April 2018..used 5 times..all registered warranty ..perfect condition..

All the dzr and srx were tested in shop and have been packed away.. dzr112 in boxes..DZR 315 have the boxes..
These were never out on a gig..
$$ All prices in Canadian dollar $$
Located 1.5hrs from  Port Huron Clinton Ontario Canada..
Call or text for serious inquiries
416 523 2075
Great gear in mint condition
Lowballers will be politely ignored

Also available
Lab Gruppen FP 14 000..2 available ..used 5 times..$3750 ea.....
●●1 SOLD
Lab Gruppen FP 10,000Q..1 available ..used once..$3250●●SOLD
Fp 6000Q..1 available $2200
Fp 6400..3 available $1600ea
Couple NIB 10ft global truss..f35
Let me know what your looking for..
Just retired


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