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Chauvet DJ 355z IRC won't follow blackout on Chamsys

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Tim Weaver:

--- Quote from: Kemper Watson on May 22, 2022, 09:29:54 AM ---Where is this feature?. I can't find it on the mover. The blackout on the cheaper consoles made the lights go back to their starting position. 

Edit: I can now make the beam go off but the light stays in the same position.

--- End quote ---

The "return to defaults" is under Settings. I can't remember what tab. Maybe programmer tab?

Having the light go off and the position stay in place is the proper behaviour for a desk like this. This allows you to preposition the lights before you fade up the beam. You can also have an effect running and be able to fade or flash the light while the effect runs uninterrupted.

These things are the HTP and LTP behaviours. "Highest Takes Precedent" or "Latest Takes Precendent".

HTP is used for dimmer channels. You want the dimmer to respond to the highest amount of input at any time, so if you stack cues on top of each other, the one with the highest amount of output wins. They don't add to each other.

LTP is used for almost everything else. Positions, gobos, colors, etc. This means the light does the last command sent to that channel and won't change until a new command is sent to that channel. So if your first cue sets the light to red, but cues 2 through 100 don't have any color information in them, the light will stay red. This behaviour allows you to do a couple things. Say you have one cue stack saved for "Dim". This fades the lights on and off. Then you have a cue stack that steps through a bunch of positions. You hit go on this and it jumps to the next position and stays until you hit go again. Then another cue stack for colors. You now have two buttons and one fader that control positions and colors and on/off for your moving washes. Handy if you want to "busk" for a show.

Paul Johnson:
It does sound like the hed file has some weirdness in it - but they are editable of course. One thing to check is how you have set the system to 'release' a light. Pulling a fader down might put it out, but unless it releases the light, it's essentially waiting for you to put the fader up again. One common thing users don;t realise is that tapping the S buttons twice or three times quickly brings up extra menus, where you can set individual faders to release, or run or do other things.

Steve Ferreira:
I wonder if the light is running in 9ch mode but 15ch mode on the console or vice versa.


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