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FS Rare DDA Interface Mixer 24x4x2


Philip Moseley:
If you are seriously Jonesing for a big-time upgrade to your low-end Behringer or Mackie mixing console, or if you want a serious analog front end for your DAW but you don't have $1000 bucks for an Allen and Heath medium format console, I have the answer to your prayers for the ridiculously low price of $450.

If you have not heard of DDA, they are designed by 2 guys in the UK who quit MIDAS to produce their own line of medium and large format consoles, Unlike every other manufacturer, these guys put the same hand-built engineering and electronics into their 24 channel consoles that they put into their large format 40+ channel touring consoles. This one was made in Germany according to the tag and it was rebranded as Altec Lansing for some reason. Feel free to research DDA to see what others have to say about them. You can also find a user's manual online by searching DDA Interface. Also, there is one for sale on Reverb for 1000 bucks that (apparently) belonged to a pretty famous producer. Make of that what you will.

As you would expect, it sounds fantastic with its warm British EQ, 2 sweepable mids and incredible headroom this beauty is pro for days and weighs the same as a small aircraft carrier. 24x4x2 format with 6 aux sends, this comes with an external power supply probably built (or overbuilt) in a tank factory somewhere.'Just not in a Russian tank factory haha.

It's in fantastic condition - I would describe it as mint except the power supply cable is not original.

This is the last of the PA gear I've been selling and it's breaking my heart but it's of no use to me now. I absolutely guarantee this 100 percent working or your money back.

ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING ANYWHERE FOR ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. NO. JUST NO. Pickup is in New Hampshire although I will drive 100 miles in your direction to help you out with gas!!
Please message me or text 6noughtThree92three82noughtSeven


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