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Allen and Heath Qu32 send an entire mix output to FX engine


Steve Hanis:
Is there a way to add FX to an entire mix output such as mix 5-6?
Basically sending all 32 channels to the mix 5-6 FX engine and having the FX return to the mix 5-6 output, like an old school insert.

Nathan Riddle:
You tell me.

Teaching to fish and all that.

Mike Caldwell:
Yes you mix 5-6, that puts the board in the sends on fader mode, go to the FX return layer, bring up the fader for the FX you want to send to mix 5-6.
De-select mix 5-6 to put the mixer back into L-R mix mode.

Think of the FX return channels just like any other input channel on the mixer.
Do not send an FX return back into it self via the FX sends.


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