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Still the coolest band I've ever worked with...

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Mal Brown:
Very cool clip!  That Les Paul looks like a 6 string bass on the kiddo.

Tim Weaver:

--- Quote from: John A Chiara on May 16, 2022, 12:31:13 AM ---So what exactly happens…or doesn’t that results in positive vibes?

--- End quote ---

For me personally it was a day where we were doing a crappy club gig. Sevendust was the headliner and Clutch was opening. Sevendust was being all manner of primadonna egotistical a-holes. Clutch and crew walked in, saw what was happening, saw that the late load-in and soundcheck was not our fault but was because the headliner was being pissy. They just hung out with us and BS'd and had fun while their soundcheck time slipped away. No ego, no anger, no posturing. Just dudes in a bad situation making the best of it. The TM broke out his polaroid and laminator and made all of us local guys Clutch laminates while we were waiting! I still have that lammie in my closet......


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