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Show Critical Computer - Backup


Casey Sharp:
Hi all!

I work in a large theatre and we are experimenting with a show control software for control of a slew of things such as projectors, media servers, cameras, fog and other effects, etc... using various protocols including TCP, UDP, OSC, HTTP, DMX, SMPTE LTC, etc... The software is called "Chataigne" if anyone is interested.

My question is not in regards to the software specifically, but the machine it's running on.

In our current situation it's running on a standard Windows 10 computer - we went this route for testing purposes and it's working great so far. However, it's a sub-par machine and we have no redundancy. If the machine goes down we'd be scrambling getting things back up and running - obviously not ideal.

Do any of you have experience setting up redundancy for show-critical machines? Ideally, we would have the project running on 2 machines in sync and if one goes down it would just be a matter of switching a few cables and you're done. Or even better would be 2 machines on the same network and an "auto-failover" would execute if the primary went down. Is there a "proper" way of doing this other than trying to manually configure two Windows machines to be identical?

I'd appreciate any wisdom regarding this!


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