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3 Best DAWs For Audio Engineers and Music Producers



3 Best DAWs For Audio Engineers and Music Producers

1. Pro Tools
I hate Pro Tools but I admit can not live without it. It is the industry standard software for all types of recordings and music production related jobs and does it quite well as compared to any of the other softwares out there. Other than the price there is no other drawback for this software. Mixing and Mastering is so much more convenient on this DAW. The shortcuts and ease of routing tracks and buses are just the icing on the cake that makes this DAW stand out from the rest and the reason why most of the renowned engineers around the world use this software. Personally I love how easy Avid has made recording, editing, mixing and mastering by introducing this software.

Ease to route buses to auxes and tracks as sends and returns
Great GUI which makes it easy to look and understand whats happening
Mix window and Edit window flexibility
Beat detective and Quantization
Elastic Audio and time correction
Ease of Hardware integration for Mix and Mastering
Great Inbuilt Plugins
Folder tracks and Playlisting
Flexible types of recordings (Punch, Destructive)
4 Types of Grids and to flexibility to use hybrid of these grids
Overall ingenious Shortcut keys
Session Backups
Ease of editing and overall GUI of the waveforms

High Price
Glitches and Bugs
Auto mapping of interface/sound card
Midi Production workable but not very friendly
2. Ableton
Ableton is the next best DAW that I personally like and i usually use this DAW to produce and write/compose. The workflow is quite fast and easy to use for producing, for recording it isnt quite there with no playlisting feature for the longest time, but they have finally introduced it in the version 11. Recording, Mixing, Mastering is possible in Ableton dont get me wrong, but the speed and ease to use is not better than Pro-Tools. While on the other hand there are some very cool and amazing features on this software such as undoing and redoing literally anything from plugins to instrument vsts which gives freedom for producers to go crazy with their production from resampling to adding a bunch of plugins on a single track to reshuffling plugins and many more fun stuff. The ease of finding any instrument to having amazing inbuilt plugins such as vocoder, bitcrusher to variety of Eqs compressors reverbs delays, this DAW is miles ahead in the field of production. The ease of warping a track is another amazing feature that most of the other DAWs do not have or atleast the ease in which ableton can do it with a click vs long and complicated ways in other DAWs. Personally working as a producer and mix engineer, producing in ableton and mixing in pro tools is my way of working with any track.

1. Looping live
2. Warping with a click (tempo change)
3. Variety of Instrument, Wavetables sounds
4. Undo Redo with Plugins
5. Transposing a track with a click
6. Midi mapping and Shortcut mapping made super easy
7. Customization User Interface

1. Recording mode flexibility
2. Click Tone
3. Not so grid friendly
4. Notation view not available
5. Importing audio files create new .asd files that are junk

3. Logic X
The next big software that has come so close to production and recording mixing mastering is the Logic X Pro. From artists putting down thoughts and ideas to recording mixing mastering and everything in between can be easily done in this software. This DAW has taken scoring to a whole new level, from ease of writing music and composing using notations.

1. Easy to export files and midi
2. Notation Programming very useful for scoring a piece
3. It has a vast library of free downloadable loops and digital instruments to use in projects.
4. Great sounding Instrument library

1. The user interface could have been a bit more customizable features
2. I think logic is lacking in the sample management area. It deserves a new sample manager with many subcategories. Logic also needs to improve the GUI of its older plugins.
3. Editing is a pain because of the waveform representation
4. Only available on Apple Devices


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