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Church Stage lighting Project

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Alain Bouit:
I've been asked to renew the stage lighting for our church, and I have no experience with stage lighting design and techniques - this is the case of not being quick enough to take a step back when the others did ;) . I've done some online research, however I think I'm more confused now then when I started. I hoping that y'all might have some ideas. I am fairly technical - good with computers and networking.
The overall plan is to use DMX lighting - We have the following equipment
-Chamsys Q10 lightboard
-4x Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro QZ12 USB RGBA LED Par with Motorized Zoom
-10x Chauvet Pro COLORado 1 Quad IP65 RGBW LED Wash
-4x Chauvet DJ SlimPar Pro Pix Hex Color Wash Light

Our church services are mostly during the day 9:30a to 1p on Saturdays, very traditional - Hymns and sermon
We also stream our services online each week -
As I've tried to portray in the diagram, we have windows in the sanctuary that gives a fair amount of light in the sanctuary.

The goal with the new lighting
-replace existing incandescent and halogen lighting sources with DMX LED lighting - many are not working, sockets are burnt out
-Improve brightness of the stage in most areas
-Improve lighting for streaming services
-Create ambiance and mode during the different parts of the church service
-Control the new sanctuary lighting

The attached stage drawing shows approximately what the platform looks like and the position of key elements such as piano, organ and pulpit. The platform has two levels, approximately two steps difference in height (12"). The circles in the drawing are my crude and inexperienced attempt at figuring out how much light each fixture would cover.

Any thoughts, ideas and suggestions you might have would be welcomed.


Alain C. Bouit

Dave Garoutte:
It might be worthwhile to let us know where you are and get a consult from one of our members near you.
Area lighting and theatrical lighting are two very different thing.

Alain Bouit:

--- Quote from: Dave Garoutte on April 17, 2022, 03:16:44 PM ---It might be worthwhile to let us know where you are and get a consult from one of our members near you.
Area lighting and theatrical lighting are two very different thing.

--- End quote ---

Our church is in Salem, OR any members close by?

John Fruits:
As always, try to get a demo in your space when considering new fixtures.  Also take a look at the Chauvet Pro Ovation fixtures.  They have a much better light output for front light for live and streaming. 
Also, although an hour away from you, Stagecraft Industries in Portland has a very good reputation. 

Jonathan Kok:
Couple of quick tips:
1. Be careful of the beam angle of your fixtures. A 15deg fixture isn't particularly useful as a front wash, despite being called a 'wash' fixture, unless you've got the throw distance needed.
2. Your basic RBGW fixtures won't put out a nice white. You can kind of get to look 'ok', but if you're going to use the fixtures mostly for white, then get white. Or...
3. If you WANT the option of color AND white, then get a fixture that has internal color settings for white. The Chauvet Reve fixture series, for example, has internal presets for white in a range of temperatures, as well as full color replication.


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