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DJ speakers… what to buy … WHAT TO BUY.

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Tim Weaver:

--- Quote from: Thomas Le on March 29, 2022, 09:33:12 AM ---Alto's are a lateral move, you're not getting better quality. Harbinger is worse. Start looking at JBL PRX, Yamaha DXR, QSC K, EV EKX, etc...

--- End quote ---


I have been very impressed with the Yamaha DXR8. I bought four of them to replace some ageing QSC K10's and they do that job and more. They are extremely impressive for a tiny speaker. I think for typical wedding dj use you could easily use 2 dxr8's and a single 18 for a couple hundred people with no problems at all.

they may not replace what you use for a bigger event, but it does give you options. Plus this rig would fit in a hatchback.

Modern advances in power and processing are giving us better sounding, louder, and lighter options every year.

Dave Garoutte:
You might find Yamaha DXR or QSC k-series used for closer to your hopeful price.  We will always suggest that you buy better quality, because you will end up spending the money later when you are unhappy with the cheap speakers.  Buy once, cry once.  That said, the 10" tops from Yamaha and QSC are worlds better than what you have.  They both have decent 15" subs too.

Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: Ryan Chin on March 28, 2022, 07:10:49 PM ---Hello everyone, just looking for some info from the community on some DJ speakers for some of my rigs. A few years ago I helped a friend with a buy in and picked up 4prs of 12” Rockville powered tops and 6 15” powered subs. For the past few years i have been sending these out with my DJ’s for mobile rigs for small to mid size events. (150-250people), school dances and some outdoor events.

. . .snip. . .

Anyway, what do you all have to say, or recommend? Looking to stay around $250-$300 per top and around $500-$700 for the sub.

Any recommendations or info is appreciated!!

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I get loads of mileage out of my EV EVOLVE 50 rigs, 25-30 events per year. Wedding planners love that they don't look like speakers on sticks, easy setup and plenty of sound for DJ's for the gig sizes you mention. I can throw out a pair of subs with them to get good coverage for 500-ish people at a dance recital I do a couple times a year.

Someone on eBay is selling top hats that let me mound a GIGBAR on top, too. pretty flexible bit of kit. I have some that have been going 5+ years now.


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