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Extending stage ties/snake

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Matthias McCready:
Alrighty, here are some photos of what I am working with.

The 1st photo is the wall where I have 64 lines coming in from the stage.

The 2nd is of the stage rack where I am wanting everything to land.

I have a cable ladder already installed up the wall, and to the rack For things to run.

--- Quote from: Caleb Dueck on March 14, 2022, 12:46:43 AM ---What about solder the existing install-grade cables into the back of a tech plate, and then just order some fan to fan snakes?  I'm doing something similar currently at another church.  A 16"x16" or so custom plate and NEMA box aren't too pricey, and snakes can be Elite Core on up to nice Whirlwind/Rapco/etc. 

--- End quote ---

On the plus side I do already have a large plate on the wall above the cables that was used for wedges in years past, so I could have a new plate made; however I don't feel like this makes the area any cleaner, I would still have some intense cabling going on for a few feet, and FWIW the bean counters probably don't want to purchase a whole gangle of sub snakes.

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on March 14, 2022, 07:17:35 PM ---I was thinking along those same lines, a patch panel of sort.

Unless you truly have a big boy 60 input stage you could use a smaller patch/jumper snake of the number of channels on the stage box and then just patch into the stage inputs as needed on the patch panel, that would also save on wear and tear of your stage box connectors.

--- End quote ---

64 inputs  :P


I am not opposed to an additional patch panel; however I would want it in the same rack as well and it would take up space. While it would be pretty, I don't know if would add enough functionality to justify it.

So I guess I am coming back to what are the better methods for connecting a plethora of XLR cables.

Thanks for the help!



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