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Crossover replacement


Jason L Holland:
Wonder if you folks can help. I got a donated Portable PA system (Behringer Eurolive EPA900) that I want to re-donate to my kids elementary school. Problem is one of the speakers has a tweeter out. Looks like it's in the crossover. Here's what I've done.

Tried known good tweeter in the speaker - no joy - Test voltage coming to HF leads - zero voltage) - Reflowed all the solder joints on the crossover and inspected for obvious damage - no joy -

The LF speaker works fine so it seems like it's something in the HF part of the crossover.

Behringer doesn't sell a replacement crossover and only recommend replacing the entire speaker.

Thoughts on what I should do next? I was thinking maybe getting a 2 way crossover from amazon or ebay and just trying it to see. I guess I could test each componet and replace but not sure if it's the pcb board so...

How do I choose a comparable crossover to what I have? The speaker is a 10" LF woofer and 1.35'' aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers. The amp is 450watts per side.

so Would I be good to try something like:

It just needs to be 500 watts or so? Should I worry where the crossover point is? It's just gonna be used for music and speaking mostly.

Thanks for any help!

Dave Garoutte:
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