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Volt meters show different volts on same console

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Bob Faulkner:

--- Quote from: Bob Taylor on March 05, 2022, 01:12:21 PM ---If you look up the specs on this meter, in the Auto Range it only has 3k input impedance. that will load the Phantom Power resisters in the circuit and cause these low readings.

Flukes are designed for Electricians, and having the low impedance will help them determine  if the circuit is off in the presence of Inter Electrode Capacitance from other wires in the same conduit etc. Good for them, BAD for all us electronic tech's.

Bob T

--- End quote ---
Well damn...!  Looks like mystery solved!  Thank you Bob.


Bob Faulkner:
Well, I fell off the horse.

What's embarrassing, was the meter (Fluke 113 model) says "Low Impedance" directly on it!!  I completely looked passed it, thinking it was irrelevant to what I was testing.  Had not considered a low impedance issue; anything I needed to test was AC or low DC voltages (testing batteries, etc... ), ohms, and continuity. 

...back on the horse.


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