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How many watts

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Keith Neff:
Hi all, my project involves lighting a whale skeleton with a moving head instrument.  The throw is about 25' in a dimly lit room and I need to focus in on specific features like lower jaw which is about 3' and others roughly the same size.
Wondering what your suggestions would be about a good reliable instrument that could be programmed to hit the various areas.
Thanks much for any input I'm obviously not a lighting expert!

Doug Fowler:
Read the rules, fix your display name.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Don T. Williams:
Keith, You will need a moving head profile spot with framing shutters or at the least, a gobo wheel with several spot reduction diameters.  There are a lot of choices available, but the units with framing shutters are not inexpensive.  You will need a DMX controller that you can set up to run a timed sequence, or a DMX recorder/player that can play back the sequence that is programed.  Again, there are many choices, from computer programs with a DMX "dongle" to a full DMX console.  There is the option of having someone come in and program the movement and timing and loading it into a playback device.  Good luck with the project.

Paul G. OBrien:
I see a couple ways to do this with a moving head, if a round spot will do a head with a zoom function.. something that varies from a beam out to a spot could work, but I have only seen that feature in more pro level fixtures. If you need a spot with a custom shape or even several different shapes then a more common MH with custom gobos is a possibility, and a 100-150w LED source may be bright enough.

One of these would probably work well:

Pan & tilt, adjustable zoom and supports 6 metallic gobo's which you can get custom made for any shape and size.

I use two Intimidator 375's in a DJ system and utilize gobo's and shoot a 20" mirror ball with them mounted up on a truss.


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