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Hazers and fire alarms...

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Suede Pierce:

--- Quote from: Steve-White on March 04, 2022, 06:15:03 PM ---This is definitely a problem.  Many lights only attain their best appearance and visual performance with some kind of atmospheric in use.

I just added two more lights to the system for a DJ system.  Looked at some real cool looking narrow beam moving heads, but they would barely be visible without haze.  So, added two more Chauvet DJ Intimidator 260's to the system for a total of 4.  The Intimidators don't look as good as the narrow beam lights with haze, but some halls for wedding receptions won't allow it and outdoors it's not effective.  The 260's have gobo's and a prism in them and can be used to hit dance floor, stage backdrop and ceiling as well as the mirror ball - still look pretty good without haze.

Just something to consider.

--- End quote ---

Thanks something i will defenitly look into.


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